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Training Leaders for Church and Mission


Since 1965, FLTE has trained leaders for churches, missions and Christian orga­nizations for the whole French-speaking Evangelical world.

CONVICTIONS : Committed Evangelicalism which is represented by faculty members from diffe­rent denominations.

TEACHING PROJECT : University level biblical and theological training aiming for students to become self-sufficient, to develop convictions and an analytical spirit while interacting with the whole Christian tradition and the contemporary world.

TRAINING : Theological and practical training for today’s Evangelical ministries: pastors, leaders, church planters, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and leaders for Christian organizations.

COMMUNITY LIFE : Participating in a community of faith and spiritual life.

RESEARCH : Participating in a research community: theological library, scholars, profes­sors and authors, research degrees (Masters and PhD).

PROJECT 2015-2025: GOALS

The French-speaking Evangelical world needs a suitable place for its leaders and scholars to study and train. Furthermore, in its rela­tionship to the academic world, French-speaking Evangelical theology counts FLTE as one of its main places of reference. In order to face the challenges of the next decades, FLTE aims to remain a center of theological excellence at university level for the French-speaking communities and envisages four areas of develop­ment.


1. Train more leaders
  • In order to respond to the needs created by church growth, by planting of new churches and by the dynamism of evangelical organizations and missions in French-speaking Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium).
  • In order to respond to the training needs for Christian leaders in French-speaking North African countries (Algeria, Tunisia…).
  • In order to respond to the training needs at Masters and PhD level for French-speaking African students.
2. Develop the current programs and diversify the tracks to take into consideration new kinds of ministries and the diversification of the profile of students
  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Theology and Exegesis, and in Religious Studies.
  • Masters in Missiology and Church planting since 2015.
  • Bachelors in Evangelism and Church Planting, since September 2017.
3. Create new modes of training to take into consideration the possibilities and constraints of potential students and to raised awareness of theological training
  • Intensive Training: degree-level training for people already in work
  • E-learning program in addition to the classical distance-lear­ning courses
  • Introductory courses: summer schools, distance-training courses, decentralized courses.
4. Develop theological research
  • Creation of a study and research library for theologians of French-spea­king countries.
  • Development of the Research Masters degree and PhD, not only in classical theological disciplines (Systematics, Exegesis, Church History, Ethics…) but also in Missiology (Missions, Evangelism, Church Planting)
  • Development of international partnerships: accommodating foreign researchers
  • Continuation of publications: Théologie Evangélique and Edifac.
    Opening an archive center for French evangelicalism.



  • 2016 : nomination of a professor in charge of the Evangelism and Church Planting     Department.
  • 2016 : recruitment of a person in charge of e-learning.
  • 2018 : recruitment of a person in charge of pastoral care and of careers advice for stu­dents.
  • 2020 : 5 full-time professors, 2 part-time professors (currently: 3 full-time professors, 4 part-time professors).


As the principal theology library for French-speaking evangelical institutions, the FLTE library must fulfill the requirements imposed on university libraries and the requirements for accreditation of evangelical institutions.

  • FLTE will be equipped with a new library, designed as a place for study and theologi­cal research, to be a learning resource for current and future evangelical leaders and to encourage theological thinking in accordance with evangelical faith.
  • The FLTE new library project has a dual purpose: university library with all the tools nee­ded for students’ training, and research library with a suitable environment of books and reviews necessary for advanced research.
  •  The archives of the Evangelical denominations and organizations will be able to be stored on site.


  • The new library aims for 25 000 books in free access excluding reserve and archives.
  • Three independent work spaces will be accessible for group work.
  • The library building has a size of 680 m² over two levels including the offices and class­rooms (plus 340 m² of basement).


To improve the reception of students, to respect the new State standards and to make the work of the teaching and administrative teams more efficient

  • Improvement of accommodation: renovation of bedrooms in the hall of residence, construction of studio-apartments to welcome couples and visitors
  • Remodeling of classrooms (creation of group-work classrooms and of new classrooms), of administrative offices (renovation, creation of pastoral care rooms), and of professors’ offices (an office for each professor for the mentoring and follow-up of students).


To raise awareness of our training opportunities and to enrich reflection on vocation

  • Reflection and communication about vocation in collaboration with churches and deno­minations.
  • Communication for young people: videos, presence on social networks, discovery days, partnership with French University Christian Union and International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, introductory theology courses.